Yvette Ayotte – 204

Starting from $139 per night

Yvette Ayotte was a resident of the British Hotel for over 40 years, and the last person to live within its walls before it temporarily closed for renovations in 2011. She was known throughout Aylmer for her colourful outfits and cheerful laughter. Although well into her eighties, Yvette would walk up and down Aylmer’s main street every day, chatting with friends and neighbors along the way. The Yvette Ayotte room maintains the modern style of the British but with a burst of colour that pays homage to the hotel’s longest resident. This room is also fully accessible with a walk/roll-in shower, grab bars, and a double bed.

Jos Montferrand – 205

Starting from $139 per night

As the British Hotel was rising to fame in the early 19th century, so was French-Canadian strongman, Jos Montferrand. A hero among the working class, the six-foot-four logger travelled up and down the Ottawa River, leaving behind incredible tales of his strength and fighting abilities. When out drinking, Montferrand’s signature move was to do a back flip and leave his boot print on the ceiling of the pub. According to legend, the British was honoured with the big man’s imprint during the logging heydays of the 1800s. The Jos Montferrand room is, of course, fitted with a bed big enough for the legend himself. With a sleek, contemporary design and a splash of historical colour from the logging heydays of Aylmer, this room is a quiet retreat for business travellers or visitors to the Ottawa area.



Mondoux – 203

Starting from $159 per night

This spacious room overlooks the courtyard between the British Hotel and Café. This site was once the location of Mondoux Hardware, a family-run business that served Aylmer for more than 30 years. Large windows allow guests a sunny view of the courtyard and the many heritage buildings of Old Aylmer’s main street. The room is elegantly decorated with all modern comforts, including a king-sized bed and a luxurious walk-in shower.

Sir Charles Tupper – 202

Starting from $159 per night

In October 1895, the British Hotel served as a neutral site for political strategy and negotiation when Sir Charles Tupper stayed at the British Hotel accompanied by then-prime minister Mackenzie Bowell and several dignitaries from the U.K. and U.S. This particular meeting came at the height of the Manitoba Schools crisis, an explosive issue that would cause Bowell to resign and make Tupper Canada’s sixth prime minister. Overlooking Old Aylmer’s heritage district, the Tupper room mixes modern luxury with the charm of yesteryears. A king-sized bed and contemporary bathroom with walk-in shower offers relaxation and comfort.

D’Arcy McGee – 206

Starting from $159 per night

Canadian politician D’Arcy McGee was assassinated on Sparks Street in Ottawa in 1868. The police took off after the assailants but lost them crossing the Chaudière Bridge into Quebec. That night, four nervous strangers arrived at a party at the British Hotel. No one knew who they were or why they were there, but it was later claimed that these men were D’Arcy McGee’s assassins, attempting to establish their alibis at the famous British Hotel. Situated over the back door through which D’arcy McGee’s assassins may have fled, this room offers a beautiful view of the Ottawa River as well as Old Aylmer's historic downtown. It includes a king-sized bed, large modern bathroom, and a workspace for business visitors.

Sir John A. Macdonald – 207

Starting from $159 per night

In post-Confederation Canada, the British Hotel was known as the finest in the region. In fact, Canada's first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, was known to sip beer at the British, sitting by the fireplace in what is now called the Gold Room. The Sir John A. Macdonald room is elegantly decorated with a king-sized bed and luxurious modern bathroom. Its large sunny windows offer an excellent view of the Ottawa River.


The Prince of Wales – 208

Starting from $179 per night

In 1860, the Prince of Wales (who would later become King Edward VII of England) came to lay the first stone of the future Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. The British Hotel, which was then the most luxurious hotel in the region, organized a ball in the Prince’s honour. Afterwards, the Prince gave a speech from the balcony of this very room to the eager citizens gathered outside. A room fit for a king, the Prince of Wales executive suite offers a unique balance between traditional beauty and modern luxury. Overlooking the Ottawa River and Old Aylmer’s heritage district, this open-concept room is fitted with a king-sized bed as well as a sleeper sofa, luxurious bathroom with a soaker tub and walk-in shower.

Tchorewski – 201

Starting from $179 per night

In 1953 Joe Tchorewski bought and renovated the British Hotel, creating the expansive Continental Room, which is now the Public House. The Tchorewskis transformed the British into a venue for world-class singers and musicians. Charley Pride, Ronnie Prophet, Carroll Baker, the Family Brown, and Terry Carisse all graced the Continental Room stage, many as impromptu performances after sold-out concerts across the river in Ottawa. The Tchorewski executive suite's main room is furnished with a king-sized bed, luxurious modern bathroom, and office workspace. The smaller sitting area includes a comfortable sofabed and can double as a second bedroom. Its large windows overlook Old Aylmer’s historic main street.


The Conroy – 302

Starting from $439 per night

Irish-born Robert Conroy built the British Hotel in 1834. An enthusiastic and visionary businessman, Conroy quickly made the British one of the most elegant hotels in the country. During its heydays in the 1800s, it hosted prime ministers, royalty, Quebec legends such as Louis Cyr and Jos Montferrand, and even a few assassins on the run. The Conroy suite is a 1,800-square foot apartment with separate sleeping and sitting areas. Quebec-style dormer windows provide cheery sunlight and a panoramic view of the Aylmer's heritage district, as well as the Ottawa River. The suite's main room includes a comfortable seating area with a sofabed for guests. Keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit of Conroy himself, this suite can also be used as a meeting space with the dining area doubling as a board room. The bedroom is completely separate from the main living area, and offers guests a peaceful retreat with a king-sized bed and a bathroom with upgraded amenities, including a walk-in shower and rain showerhead.

The McConnell – 301

Starting from $439 per night

Through their work in the lumber industry, farming, and local government, the McConnell family helped build Aylmer from simple farmsteads to the most important urban centre west of Montreal during the first half of the 19th century. The McConnell suite is a 1,400-square foot space with sloped ceilings and windows overlooking the courtyard between the Public House and the British Café, and the Ottawa River. The bedroom has a king-sized bed and a bathroom with upgraded amenities, including a walk-in shower with rain showerhead. The suite also includes a separate room with a sofabed and desk that can be used as an office, additional bedroom, or meeting area.